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John Olsen Quotes

Quotes by John Olsen - (4 quotes)

John Olsen - From the Art category:

Art is not so much talent as character... it's what you are, the qualities of the person. (John Olsen)

John Olsen - From the Fame category:

- when asked to discuss his status as Australia's greatest living artist...
A terrible burden. If only it helped you paint better pictures, but it doesn't. People expect you to print a Rembrandt masterpiece every day, which is nonsense; no one can do that. Right now, I'm painting a raw prawn. It's such fun; I love its interrogating feelers. I'm not going to be Rembrandt today. (John Olsen)

John Olsen - From the Painting category:

Painting is a means of self-enlightenment. (John Olsen)

John Olsen - From the Subject category:

There it is and there it isn't. It's a place of contradiction. It's like witnessing a nervous system. It displaces itself. Because there's a hill there, the water has to go around that way, and so on. It's a magic thing, because you're looking at nature as a process. It's making itself. There is a life in the landscape. (John Olsen)