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Brett Busang Quotes

Quotes by Brett Busang - (7 quotes)

Brett Busang - From the Artists category:

Artists provide a necessary function, which is to remind people that they have the creative potential in themselves and, by extension, the gumption not to depend on others to provide it for them. (Brett Busang)

Brett Busang - From the Fun category:

There is a sort of mediated ecstasy that occurs when you actually do the 'work' of painting. That is to say, you can't have too much fun. (Brett Busang)

Brett Busang - From the Morality category:

Legislating morality belongs in the same dustbin as the notion of an excellent barber giving himself a good haircut. (Brett Busang)

Brett Busang - From the Painting category:

Painting itself is a sort of high-wire act that involves every cell in your body and takes no prisoners. For this you need to carry your inspiration with you, but work it all out with your heart and groin. (Brett Busang)

Brett Busang - From the Performance category:

The act of painting requires something of the split focus actors need when playing out a scene: soul-deep immersion in the moment tempered by a calculated awareness of stage, prop, lighting, audience, and everything else that ticks and breathes. (Brett Busang)

Brett Busang - From the Shock category:

However awful the source of an artist's inspiration, what explains or illuminates this source may ultimately transcend it. (Brett Busang)

Brett Busang - From the Worth category:

The ideal is to foster not isolation, but connectedness. Art of any kind must affirm human values. (Brett Busang)