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Roberta Smith Quotes

Quotes by Roberta Smith - (4 quotes)

Roberta Smith - From the Choices category:

I am always on the lookout for a spark of necessity - a feeling that this particular artist had no choice but to make this particular artwork this particular way. That is the only way authenticity or even originality can start to emerge. (Roberta Smith)

Roberta Smith - From the Critics category:

When I look at new work, my image bank goes into action. I pay careful attention to the names of other artists that flash in my brain as I look at the work. How many other artists exactly come to mind? There's nothing wrong with this up to a point... Obviously, the fewer names that come to mind, the greater the odds that you are looking at something fresh that you haven't quite seen before. (Roberta Smith)

Roberta Smith - From the Originality category:

Love art, love yourself, do what you have to do and what only you can do. Utter honesty is the only path to originality. (Roberta Smith)

Roberta Smith - From the Seeing category:

- art critic...
I learn from everything I look at, good, bad or indifferent. I follow my eye reflexively; if it is drawn toward something, I pay attention and try to find out why. You train your eye, build up a mental image bank, and constantly try to pinpoint why some things are convincing and others aren't. (Roberta Smith)