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Gaye Adams Quotes

Quotes by Gaye Adams - (10 quotes)

Gaye Adams - From the Colour category:

There are always a myriad of colour choices that will work in any situation, as long as the tonal value is appropriate. (Gaye Adams)

Gaye Adams - From the Focus category:

The daily small painting, a small resource and time commitment, is an exercise in absolute focus for that time period. It's like a meditation, really. (Gaye Adams)

Gaye Adams - From the Fun category:

Let's work hard, but take the pressure off ourselves and have some fun with the process. Otherwise, what is the point? (Gaye Adams)

Gaye Adams - From the Mistakes category:

We all know that musicians practice constantly and play every piece imperfectly many times before they perform. So why should be painters expect to be perfect without continuously practicing and making mistakes? (Gaye Adams)

Gaye Adams - From the Optimism category:

Because most artists are 'sensitive' in every sense of the word, if you don't take charge, negative emotion can ruin you. (Gaye Adams)

Gaye Adams - From the Pastels category:

Pastels are so forgiving. (Gaye Adams)

Gaye Adams - From the Patience category:

I don't have the patience for the painstaking work of photorealism. If I tried, I would end up playing with my fingers and mumbling incoherently in the corner. (Gaye Adams)

Gaye Adams - From the Plein-Air category:

I don't like most of what I paint outdoors, but the process is the point; and I know it will make me a better painter. (Gaye Adams)

Gaye Adams - From the Pricing category:

If you shoot too high and miss, there is no soft place to land. Those collecting your work who have paid on the high end, would be understandably upset seeing a 'fire sale' price on subsequent paintings. (Gaye Adams)

Gaye Adams - From the Texture category:

Once I've got a good structure underneath and put the tones in the right places, all I have to do is suggest texture thoughtfully... and the viewer's eye will fill in the rest. (Gaye Adams)