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Toni Ciserella Quotes

Quotes by Toni Ciserella - (4 quotes)

Toni Ciserella - From the Artists category:

Our art is meant to be given away, stolen, borrowed, begged and paid for... like our heart. (Toni Ciserella)

Toni Ciserella - From the Focus category:

One can learn to focus more intently, but it takes a lot of practice and discipline to control one's mind. A simple technique to practice is to stare at an object and see how long you can keep your mind on it without it wandering. (Toni Ciserella)

Toni Ciserella - From the Hope category:

Hope is genius. It creates its own power, energy and magic. (Toni Ciserella)

Toni Ciserella - From the Obsession category:

I do not pursue art. It pursues me. It dogs me throughout my day and never rests. It is the beast I must feed that is never content. I did not choose to be an artist, to create, to express what is in my head. It chose me and I am its slave. (Toni Ciserella)