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Cherie Hanson Quotes

Quotes by Cherie Hanson - (7 quotes)

Cherie Hanson - From the Aging category:

As we get older we come to have more faith in our own abilities to be both frail, lost, out of time and uninspired and to know that the loss of focus is giving us a wider scope, a richer experience to bring to our lives and our art. (Cherie Hanson)

Cherie Hanson - From the Anxiety category:

Over-working a piece is a form of anxiety or the sense of not being heard. (Cherie Hanson)

Cherie Hanson - From the Creativity category:

Creativity is not reliant on limiting access to media. Neither is the use of media, of new techniques just to 'see' what they can do as a form of art... Is the artist saying something we can hear... no matter what the language? (Cherie Hanson)

Cherie Hanson - From the Movement category:

Breath, movement, intent, hesitation, stillness as a posture are all manifesting both the flow of the movement and the result of that flow. (Cherie Hanson)

Cherie Hanson - From the Questions category:

We are told to believe that focus leads to fate. Shakespearean questions arise. How much of focus is simply constructing our own delusions like setting up a lean-to in the forest? (Cherie Hanson)

Cherie Hanson - From the Recognition category:

Ultimately we all face, or create, the mythic structure within which we work. To leave that structure in order to 'gain' recognition is to lose our own sense of what is real and to come to live in a world which is unrecognizable to ourselves. (Cherie Hanson)

Cherie Hanson - From the Wisdom category:

When is it wise to allow chance and circumstance to happen and when is it wise to construct out the surrounding forces? (Cherie Hanson)