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Roger Fry Quotes

Quotes by Roger Fry - (4 quotes)

Roger Fry - From the Music category:

Bach almost persuades me to become a Christian. (Roger Fry)

Roger Fry - From the Passion category:

Art is a passion or it is nothing. (Roger Fry)

Roger Fry - From the Performance category:

The painting is always conceived as the linear record of a rhythmic gesture: it is a graph of a dance executed by the hand. Not only the artist's eye and hand perform this dance, so does the eye of the beholder. (Roger Fry)

Roger Fry - From the Subject category:

No-one who has a real understanding of the art of painting attaches any importance to what we call the subject of a picture – what is represented. To one who feels the language of pictorial form, all depends on how it is presented, nothing on what. (Roger Fry)