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Dorothy Oxborough Quotes

Quotes by Dorothy Oxborough - (4 quotes)

Dorothy Oxborough - From the Models category:

The next best thing to a live model is photographic reference. (Dorothy Oxborough)

Dorothy Oxborough - From the Models category:

I never pose the model, but rather just talk with him or her and take pictures as we converse. This experience helps me get to know a subject's personality, and leaves me with plenty of reference material to work with when I'm finished. (Dorothy Oxborough)

Dorothy Oxborough - From the Photography category:

Taking my own photos means my subject is always in the same light, plus it allows me to work at my own pace at any time of the day... It also means I can take breaks whenever I need them, without having to worry about overtiring the model. (Dorothy Oxborough)

Dorothy Oxborough - From the Portraiture category:

I've found that it's generally best to put the highest level of detail immediately in and around the face... I also try to minimise the amount of contrast I use in the clothing... (Dorothy Oxborough)