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Jerry Fresia Quotes

Quotes by Jerry Fresia - (4 quotes)

Jerry Fresia - From the Artists category:

Our task is not to make an amazing thing called art. Our task is to get a thrill from what we see. When we are moved, we will move others. (Jerry Fresia)

Jerry Fresia - From the Emotion category:

When you are moved by what you see - you have a chance to move other people by what you paint. (Jerry Fresia)

Jerry Fresia - From the Miracles category:

What is it when a human being makes a mark on the canvas? It's a miracle. (Jerry Fresia)

Jerry Fresia - From the Pleasure category:

The point is not to intend a great painting but to intend a great experience. Look for pleasure, not results. Get to the pleasure and the amazing thing called art will follow. (Jerry Fresia)