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Tracey Emin Quotes

Quotes by Tracey Emin - (6 quotes)

Tracey Emin - From the Aging category:

Being an artist and having to be responsible for the art that you make is really quite challenging, and as you get older it becomes more and more difficult. (Tracey Emin)

Tracey Emin - From the Art category:

Art is like a lover whom you run away from but who comes back and picks you up. (Tracey Emin)

Tracey Emin - From the Commerce category:

I'm not opposed to commerce, even though I'm an artist. (Tracey Emin)

Tracey Emin - From the Failure category:

I had to come to terms with my failure as an artist... I had to find a way for myself. (Tracey Emin)

Tracey Emin - From the Questions category:

They were asking me questions like, 'Is it art?' And I was saying, 'Well, if it isn't art... what the hell is it doing in an art gallery and why are people coming to look at it?' (Tracey Emin)

Tracey Emin - From the Words category:

What's really good about the word 'art' is that 'art' is a word like 'love,' or 'god,' or whatever. It transcends so many things... (Tracey Emin)