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Paul Kane Quotes

Quotes by Paul Kane - (8 quotes)

Paul Kane - From the Memory category:

The joy of painting lies precisely in the challenge of memory and the challenge of translation from the lived experience to the two-dimensional or three-dimensional symbol. (Paul Kane)

Paul Kane - From the Painting category:

Painting is a matter of finding the right balance between consoling and reassuring the eye and challenging and disturbing the eye. (Paul Kane)

Paul Kane - From the Photography category:

Photos represent primarily a seductive but deleterious short cut. (Paul Kane)

Paul Kane - From the Politics category:

The face of totalitarianism turned out to be a mask – obviously – but the face of Capitalism has no face at all. (Paul Kane)

Paul Kane - From the Pricing category:

Considering the amount of work I put into each piece, the amount I need to make from it is pretty high. I won't sell for less... but that means I rarely sell. (Paul Kane)

Paul Kane - From the Spontaneity category:

It's not just that toil allows the appearance of spontaneity. It allows the actuality of spontaneity. (Paul Kane)

Paul Kane - From the Struggle category:

The struggle between art and mastery is like the struggle between spontaneity and persistence. When they become one, it is indeed rare and hard won. (Paul Kane)

Paul Kane - From the Tyranny category:

It's the tyranny of the norm. They are attempting to redefine normal as good. Normal can be controlled, is control. Good can't be. Good has a wildness to it. (Paul Kane)