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Nic East Quotes

Quotes by Nic East - (7 quotes)

Nic East - From the Aging category:

Now that I'm retired, I can have all the contemplative time I can consume. (Nic East)

Nic East - From the Art category:

Art is only an aspect of our evolutionary process amid the long struggle to know and experience everything imaginable. (Nic East)

Nic East - From the Artists category:

We artists are the true makers of reality, for it is we who are at the nexus of any expression of newness. For everything you see that is man-made has an artist at its beginnings. (Nic East)

Nic East - From the Challenge category:

I need challenges to stimulate me to that frenetic, slam-dunk workaholic frenzy that gets lots of stuff created efficiently and in quicktime. (Nic East)

Nic East - From the Power category:

Do not wander out of the present lest you give up your power to act upon it. 'Now' is where you belong. (Nic East)

Nic East - From the Questions category:

If you give yourself permission to become unlimited, guess what happens? (Nic East)

Nic East - From the Sleep category:

I get my best ideas first thing in the morning before I'm fully awake. Sometimes I design a whole project in my sleep. I think it is about self-permission to extend your energies that makes things move along. (Nic East)