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Lisa Chakrabarti Quotes

Quotes by Lisa Chakrabarti - (5 quotes)

Lisa Chakrabarti - From the Audience category:

Spirit flows from the painter outward to the painter's audience of viewers. In today's often insane world, art can be a positive force that offers balance to both the artist and audience. (Lisa Chakrabarti)

Lisa Chakrabarti - From the Construction category:

The deconstructionist notion that 'anything goes' in art means also that 'nothing goes.' Thus, the argument seen from that perspective is pointless and goes nowhere. (Lisa Chakrabarti)

Lisa Chakrabarti - From the Integrity category:

Professional integrity matters. We are the sum of our deeds - good and bad... (Lisa Chakrabarti)

Lisa Chakrabarti - From the Joy category:

I think most artists seek to share their joy with the world... it is inseparable from the notion of self-expression. (Lisa Chakrabarti)

Lisa Chakrabarti - From the Mediums category:

Oriental brush and ink painting is an unforgiving art because you don't make corrections or re-work anything when you paint – whatever you produce, it's real, warts and all. (Lisa Chakrabarti)