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Guy Corriero Quotes

Quotes by Guy Corriero - (7 quotes)

Guy Corriero - From the Imagination category:

When being praised for a painting he had just finished, the artist, James Fitzgerald said, 'You should have seen it in my mind.' (Guy Corriero)

Guy Corriero - From the Mediocrity category:

Never leave a painting mediocre; it's better to take a chance with it. (Guy Corriero)

Guy Corriero - From the Mediums category:

Moving from watercolors to oils and back again never proved a problem for me, as the principles of successful realistic painting are the same in both mediums. Of course the application of paint is totally different. (Guy Corriero)

Guy Corriero - From the Memory category:

Having studied the sea so intently for thirty nine straight summers on Monhegan Island, I find I can do them in my studio from memory. (Guy Corriero)

Guy Corriero - From the Plein-Air category:

Painting directly from nature lends itself to a more intimate infusion of the subject... Despite the inconvenience, and sometimes tortuous conditions of wind, rain, bugs and extreme weather conditions, something inexplicable gets into the painting that seldom appears in a studio piece. (Guy Corriero)

Guy Corriero - From the Subject category:

The sea in all its calm and fury has always been the most fascinating subject to me. (Guy Corriero)

Guy Corriero - From the Watercolours category:

Watercolors are more difficult to control and very often a mistake in color or value is not easy to fix. Oils, on the other hand, can be manipulated much more easily. People often ask me which one I prefer, and the answer is the one I'm using at the time. (Guy Corriero)