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Deborah Phillips Quotes

Quotes by Deborah Phillips - (4 quotes)

Deborah Phillips - From the Materials category:

Collecting reference material, priming the board on which I will paint, squeezing paint from the tubes and watching it glisten on the palette, holding well-used brushes, mixing the squelchy colour and applying it in broad swathes to build up the image, varnishing, framing and then seeing the finished article on a gallery wall – every stage gives me a thrill. (Deborah Phillips)

Deborah Phillips - From the Rules category:

It strikes me that too many aspiring painters get tied up in knots with detail and follow far too many rules - 'Only use this brush' and 'Don't mix this colour with that.' Trying too hard and being a slave to detail takes all the fun out of the whole process. (Deborah Phillips)

Deborah Phillips - From the Technique category:

I have a technique where I drag thin strands of gold and silver paint across the foreground to indicate reeds and grasses. Sometimes I will deliberately smudge the strands to indicate thicker blades of grass or to imply movement. (Deborah Phillips)

Deborah Phillips - From the Texture category:

Towards the end of the painting, I start to use my fingers to build up thick impasto layers of texture. (Deborah Phillips)