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Bill Reid Quotes

Quotes by Bill Reid - (10 quotes)

Bill Reid - From the Anxiety category:

- Pacific Report, 1989...
I have a sort of waking nightmare: to get this thing just about completed, and the last day to discover one little part that doesn't quite fit with the adjacent part. (Bill Reid)

Bill Reid - From the Artists category:

- Celebration of the Raven, 1981...
But I didn't think about this beforehand. I just went ahead and did it, and that's the way it turned out. So I guess there are lots of paradoxes which I'll leave for other people to unscramble. (Bill Reid)

Bill Reid - From the Design category:

- Pacific Report, 1989...
It's hard to understand how you arrive at a design. It's far too complicated to get any overall picture of. (Bill Reid)

Bill Reid - From the Gratitude category:

-from introduction to The Raven Steals the Light, 1984...
I consider myself one of the most fortunate of men, to have lived at a time when some of the old Haidas and their peers among the Northwest Coast peoples were still alive, and to have had the privilege of knowing them. (Bill Reid)

Bill Reid - From the Individuality category:

-Two Worlds, 1983...
I have created the Raven in my own image over the years and insist that mine is the version of this personality that is correct - well, at least it is correct as far as I am concerned. (Bill Reid)

Bill Reid - From the Individuality category:

I certainly and deliberately introduced a great deal of variety into the people in the clamshell, which I suppose grows out of growing up in an individualistic society we profess to have. (Bill Reid)

Bill Reid - From the Interpretation category:

-Two Worlds, 1983...
It suits my own attitude toward the world and its people to believe that the Raven is this completely self-centered, uninvolved bringer of change, through inadvertence and accident, and so on... It's a version of the Raven myth for today, not for the time when it was created. (Bill Reid)

Bill Reid - From the Life category:

All things must die, and great art must be a living thing, or it is not art at all. (Bill Reid)

Bill Reid - From the Recognition category:

-quoted in Edith Iglauer, "The Myth Maker," Saturday Night, February 1982...
I've never felt that I was doing something for my people, except what I could to bring the accomplishments of the old ones to the attention of the world. I think the Northwest Coast style of art is an absolutely unique product, one of the crowning achievements of the whole human experience. I just don't want the whole thing swept under the carpet without someone paying attention to it. (Bill Reid)

Bill Reid - From the Sculpture category:

When you see it in its large scale, there's an awful lot more of gesture and motion and so on. The beautiful, contained anticipation of action. There's been this attempt to simulate life, to capture a dynamic moment. (Bill Reid)