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David Deutsch Quotes

Quotes by David Deutsch - (7 quotes)

David Deutsch - From the Chaos category:

- on his messy studio...
The resources for all the different lines of thought are left open. (David Deutsch)

David Deutsch - From the Choices category:

It is a mistake to conceive of choice and decision-making as a process of selecting from existing options according to a fixed formula. That omits the most important element of decision-making, namely the creation of new options. (David Deutsch)

David Deutsch - From the Interest category:

I chop and change between what is called 'work' and what is called 'recreation.' There are no discontinuities in my day. I only play tennis with people I find interesting. (David Deutsch)

David Deutsch - From the Order category:

Tidying up is boring. (David Deutsch)

David Deutsch - From the Politics category:

Good political institutions are those that make it as easy as possible to detect whether a ruler or policy is a mistake, and to remove rulers or policies without violence when they are. (David Deutsch)

David Deutsch - From the Problems category:

Every problem that is interesting is also soluble. (David Deutsch)

David Deutsch - From the Universe category:

The universe is not there to overwhelm us; it is our home, and our resource. (David Deutsch)