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Janet Badger Quotes

Quotes by Janet Badger - (7 quotes)

Janet Badger - From the Aging category:

How disappointing to discover we aren't going to be young and strong and live forever... The challenge and the fascination of artistic creation is the best distraction in the world... we're the lucky ones. (Janet Badger)

Janet Badger - From the Artists category:

Everyone needs an identity of their own, not in relation to someone else... someone's daughter, sister, wife, mother. 'Artist' is mine alone. (Janet Badger)

Janet Badger - From the Ego category:

I've often felt my ego was like a layer cake – layers of high ego and low ego alternating endlessly... I need approbation for both layers of the cake. (Janet Badger)

Janet Badger - From the Generosity category:

You only get to keep what you give away... (Janet Badger)

Janet Badger - From the Pets category:

I've found pet dogs to be like having a toddler around - you have to know where they are and what they are doing at all times. As a printmaker, I need my focus and concentration, to work without distraction. I wonder if there is a perfect breed of studio dog. (Janet Badger)

Janet Badger - From the Realism category:

Hyperrealism is both Breathtaking, and Boring. I want to see the Artist's hand in the work of art. I want to see the essence and the spirit of the subject, and I want to see a celebration of the Medium in the work of art. (Janet Badger)

Janet Badger - From the Travel category:

I have no need of travel; the only journey I'm interested in is the one where I go from start to finish on an art project. (Janet Badger)