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Daphne Odjig Quotes

Quotes by Daphne Odjig - (5 quotes)

Daphne Odjig - From the Acceptance category:

If my work as an artist has somehow helped to open doors between our people and the non-Native community, then I am glad. I am even more deeply pleased if it has helped to encourage the young people that have followed our generation to express their pride in our heritage more openly, more joyfully than I would have ever dared to think possible. (Daphne Odjig)

Daphne Odjig - From the Artists category:

We acknowledged and supported each other as artists when the world of fine art refused us entry... Together we broke down barriers that would have been so much more difficult faced alone. (Daphne Odjig)

Daphne Odjig - From the Influence category:

No one ever asked Picasso if he was influenced by Canadian art, and yet look at his masks: Who's to say Picasso hadn't seen any of our work? (Daphne Odjig)

Daphne Odjig - From the Painting category:

I see my paintings as a celebration of life. My sub-conscious mind may well dictate some content and I'm content to leave it at that. (Daphne Odjig)

Daphne Odjig - From the Words category:

I am uncomfortable with words - my paintings are perhaps my most honest and legitimate statement. (Daphne Odjig)