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Leonard Niles Quotes

Quotes by Leonard Niles - (9 quotes)

Leonard Niles - From the Copying category:

Every conceivable aspect of painting has its roots in copying. Painters are by nature copyists. (Leonard Niles)

Leonard Niles - From the Influence category:

We are all one. Our opinions may differ, but if you look deeply into the paintings you will see the influences and echoes of all the greats who have gone before. (Leonard Niles)

Leonard Niles - From the Muse category:

The Muses have been good to us artists. (Leonard Niles)

Leonard Niles - From the Portraiture category:

Most people today have neither the time nor the patience to be a sitter and would prefer me to work from photographs. The main thing that concerns them is a good likeness. One of the emptiest expressions I hear is, 'Is that how you see me?' (Leonard Niles)

Leonard Niles - From the Solitude category:

Being alone is not the same as being lonely. Loners are not survivors in the modern interpretation but have always been dominantly active in the creation of culture throughout the course of time. (Leonard Niles)

Leonard Niles - From the Solitude category:

No two loners are alike, but have only one thing in common: they just simply love being alone. (Leonard Niles)

Leonard Niles - From the Standards category:

There are no recognised parameters which segregate the artistic fraternity into different groups apart from their chosen subjects. (Leonard Niles)

Leonard Niles - From the Tradition category:

Every work of art has been subjected, consciously or subconsciously, to traditional values in one form or another. The truth is that there is nothing original under the sun! (Leonard Niles)

Leonard Niles - From the Wonder category:

We artists have this deep sense of wonder that arose in our childhood and has dominated our lives. This is what makes us all very special people, no matter what our level of pictorial interpretation. (Leonard Niles)