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Egon Friedell Quotes

Quotes by Egon Friedell - (9 quotes)

Egon Friedell - From the Aging category:

Artists of all sorts remain youthful for so long, and in many cases attain a grand old age. The explanation is that they live in an almost permanent condition of stimulation and excitement. (Egon Friedell)

Egon Friedell - From the Art category:

- Cultural History of the Modern Age...
Art is the subjective, preferential treatment of certain elements of reality; it selects and resets, distributes light and shade, omits and underlines, softens and emphasises. (Egon Friedell)

Egon Friedell - From the Artists category:

The artist's view of the world and mankind is that which seeks as far as possible to lose itself in its object, illuminating it not from the outside by some light foreign to it, but from within, deriving light from its own core. (Egon Friedell)

Egon Friedell - From the Faith category:

All knowing that goes beyond the immediate experience of the moment is a matter of faith. (Egon Friedell)

Egon Friedell - From the Genius category:

...the highest, the only reality, is ever at hand, but for the most part invisible. Genius makes it visible... (Egon Friedell)

Egon Friedell - From the Ideas category:

Clothe an idea in words and it loses its freedom of movement. (Egon Friedell)

Egon Friedell - From the Observation category:

Observation of the first kind projects its own light on to things and can, therefore, only touch their surface; all it does is render its objects invisible. That of the second kind projects light into things and makes objects luminous in themselves. (Egon Friedell)

Egon Friedell - From the Religion category:

God does not rule the world outwardly by gravitation and chemical affinity, but inwardly in the heart of man: as is your soul, so will the destiny be of the world in which you live and do. (Egon Friedell)

Egon Friedell - From the Seeing category:

We can never see the world other than incompletely: deliberately to see it as incomplete is to create an artistic aspect. (Egon Friedell)