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Martha Sturdy Quotes

Quotes by Martha Sturdy - (5 quotes)

Martha Sturdy - From the Advice category:

Work hard, never give up and don't fall in love with yourself. (Martha Sturdy)

Martha Sturdy - From the Belief category:

I never used to believe in myself as most creative people don't. Now, I trust myself a bit. (Martha Sturdy)

Martha Sturdy - From the Evolution category:

I need a lot of change. I can't stop at one level. I just keep on evolving. (Martha Sturdy)

Martha Sturdy - From the Failure category:

Every path you take educates you and leads you to the next. (Martha Sturdy)

Martha Sturdy - From the Instinct category:

I do what I feel instinctively I should do, so I don't have to worry about the competition. Because even if they copy me, I'll be onto something new. (Martha Sturdy)