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Max Stern Quotes

Quotes by Max Stern - (5 quotes)

Max Stern - From the Advice category:

-to E. J. Hughes...
Whenever you can, try to give a little sky over the mountain top, especially as also the frame covers a tiny part of the painting. (Max Stern)

Max Stern - From the Criticism category:

-to E. J. Hughes...
I don't object against the light tree trunks in the distance of the paintings, only if your tree trunk in the foreground would be a little darker than those in the distance, it would be easier to overlook the painting. I hope you don't mind my criticisms in this way. If you allow me, I may tone the tree down a bit. (Max Stern)

Max Stern - From the Exhibitions category:

-to E. J. Hughes...
A one-man show should contain as varied a collection as possible; this means it should have figures, landscapes and still-lives of different periods. (Max Stern)

Max Stern - From the Pricing category:

It takes a long time and great expense to build up the name of an artist and if one of his paintings suddenly appears at a low price, at an exhibition especially, then the build-up may be endangered. (Max Stern)

Max Stern - From the Purpose category:

The artist has still an important task in depicting a landscape and rendering it for us with his much more sensitive eye which can concentrate on essentials and give the atmosphere of a city much better than a mechanical camera could ever do. (Max Stern)