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Valerie Kent Quotes

Quotes by Valerie Kent - (7 quotes)

Valerie Kent - From the Artists category:

To capture through art a fragment of our collective experience. To discover deep meaning and deep thought, the joy of creative expression. We move through life with grace, ethics and spirituality, and relearn daily through our art to cherish humanity and our natural world. (Valerie Kent)

Valerie Kent - From the Contrasts category:

The yin and yang of stark contrasts create a notion of a fine balance. (Valerie Kent)

Valerie Kent - From the Health category:

Art therapy is all about the moment, all about the process, all about happiness. Getting lost in the work is the ultimate beauty of what we do. (Valerie Kent)

Valerie Kent - From the Life category:

Life is the freedom to paint with abandon and aplomb that which the heart sees when the heart seizes it. (Valerie Kent)

Valerie Kent - From the Rules category:

There are no painting police – just have fun. (Valerie Kent)

Valerie Kent - From the Satisfaction category:

You know your painting is right when you view the universe, select the segments that inspire you, record them and you clearly see what is not there. (Valerie Kent)

Valerie Kent - From the Universe category:

Losing yourself in your creation, the universe speaks with you. (Valerie Kent)