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Kirk Wassell Quotes

Quotes by Kirk Wassell - (5 quotes)

Kirk Wassell - From the Growth category:

Let growth through experience guide you toward creativity. (Kirk Wassell)

Kirk Wassell - From the Life category:

Life, like art, is a continual lesson. It demands that we pay attention, keeping pace with the changes that stimulate us and hopefully educate us. In the end, all we can hope for is the ability to continually appreciate and experience those priceless lessons. (Kirk Wassell)

Kirk Wassell - From the Love category:

Love is one of those experiences that is utterly exciting and yet at times most bewildering; certainly not too different from our own personal experience of art, as it is created, observed and contemplated. (Kirk Wassell)

Kirk Wassell - From the Potential category:

When you push yourself, you flex your potential, and if you're listening carefully, you'll sense that the experience is the teacher. (Kirk Wassell)

Kirk Wassell - From the Vulnerability category:

It is a choice we artists make, that is not too unlike love, where we find ourselves venturing into a realm of total vulnerability... (Kirk Wassell)