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Michael Cardew Quotes

Quotes by Michael Cardew - (5 quotes)

Michael Cardew - From the Ego category:

Narcissism is not a vice provided you go the whole way with it. (Michael Cardew)

Michael Cardew - From the Growth category:

If you are lucky, and if you live long enough, and if you trust your materials and you trust your instincts, you will see things of beauty growing up in front of you, without you having anything to do with it. (Michael Cardew)

Michael Cardew - From the Nature category:

- A Pioneer Potter...
Oriental thinking, and indeed all pre-industrial thinking, knows that nature may seem hard-hearted and her laws inexorable and often cruel, yet she herself is the very raw material you are working with, and of which you yourself are necessarily a part. You therefore always have to treat her as your friend, as someone with whom you must somehow keep on good terms, or else you and your works will be no good. She is after all your mother, not an enemy to be subdued, or a slave to be violated. (Michael Cardew)

Michael Cardew - From the Profession category:

- Pioneer Pottery...
When somebody asks you, 'What made you take to pottery?' the only possible answer, if you are honest, is, 'I was no good at anything else.' (Michael Cardew)

Michael Cardew - From the Talent category:

The new talent will only emerge from where it has lain hidden if the climate and conditions are propitious. (Michael Cardew)