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Arthur Maderson Quotes

Quotes by Arthur Maderson - (7 quotes)

Arthur Maderson - From the Advice category:

We need to be terribly selective about whose advice we absorb. We are under attack from a vast range of often contradictory approaches and it is all too easy to feel confused and lost. (Arthur Maderson)

Arthur Maderson - From the Belief category:

The overwhelming tendency is to see what we believe to be there, rather than believing in what we actually see. (Arthur Maderson)

Arthur Maderson - From the Change category:

Painting is an exciting, challenging, and sometimes maddening process of discovery and exploration. All we can do is accept the challenge with commitment, enthusiasm and energy. (Arthur Maderson)

Arthur Maderson - From the Individuality category:

We decide what we want to pursue, there is no right or wrong, we formulate our own paths. (Arthur Maderson)

Arthur Maderson - From the Painting category:

Painting is a mysterious process, hovering strangely between a thought and a thing. (Arthur Maderson)

Arthur Maderson - From the Simplicity category:

The need to simplify has become almost a mantra which few question. (Arthur Maderson)

Arthur Maderson - From the Understanding category:

From birth... understanding the world demands that we transform the rich chaotic soup we see into separate objects... This process is essential and necessary to just about everybody except artists. (Arthur Maderson)