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Andrea Dworkin Quotes

Quotes by Andrea Dworkin - (3 quotes)

Andrea Dworkin - From the Gender category:

Feminist art is not some tiny creek running off the great river of real art. It is not some crack in an otherwise flawless stone. It is, quite spectacularly, art which is not based on the subjugation of one half of the species. (Andrea Dworkin)

Andrea Dworkin - From the Humanity category:

Feminist art... will take the great human themes – love, death, heroism, suffering, history itself – and render them fully human. (Andrea Dworkin)

Andrea Dworkin - From the Joy category:

Feminist art may... though perhaps our imaginations are so mutilated now that we are incapable even of the ambition, introduce a new theme... should we call it 'joy'? (Andrea Dworkin)