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Bill Cannon Quotes

Quotes by Bill Cannon - (11 quotes)

Bill Cannon - From the Effort category:

It is a lifetime effort to come to grips with being an artistic person. (Bill Cannon)

Bill Cannon - From the Gender category:

A basis for much of the pain women suffer in real life is they must somehow resolve their devotion to men. (Bill Cannon)

Bill Cannon - From the Genius category:

-response to Robert Genn's letter...
Let's say Edison was right. Further, let's say that Henri was right too. So, if there is 1% genius in everyone, you are a genius, just like the rest of us. It is, then, only the 99% perspiration that counts. (Bill Cannon)

Bill Cannon - From the Lines category:

Speaking of line, what artist of line was ever able to find more depth and volume than Hirschfeld? He was an illustrator and a caricaturist, but first and foremost, an artist. (Bill Cannon)

Bill Cannon - From the Meaning category:

Stories are best when they 'emerge' from the depths, and when built in a painting from early sketch through the three-act process to The End, it is a perfect pathway to the unconscious stories set in our dreamwork. (Bill Cannon)

Bill Cannon - From the Plagiarism category:

All artists are protected by copyright... and we should be the first to respect copyright. (Bill Cannon)

Bill Cannon - From the Poetry category:

How do you define a poet? It's very simple. Anyone declaring that he is a poet, is a poet. (Bill Cannon)

Bill Cannon - From the Stress category:

Mozart. Vivaldi. Van Gogh. Stretched their genius on struggle, stress and survival. (Bill Cannon)

Bill Cannon - From the Suffering category:

The significant element that is common to Rivera, Siqueros, Picasso, Pollock, Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo is the expression of pain. (Bill Cannon)

Bill Cannon - From the Survival category:

Flat fields produce mediocre grapes, but rolling hills produce the greatest grapes. Why? Because the vines must struggle for survival. (Bill Cannon)

Bill Cannon - From the Teaching category:

Self-taught are those without formal education. Most self-taught artists have missing ingredients to their work. (Bill Cannon)