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John McEnulty Quotes

Quotes by John McEnulty - (6 quotes)

John McEnulty - From the Fun category:

When you're too esoteric, you're flaky; when you are too grounded, you're no damn fun. (John McEnulty)

John McEnulty - From the Growth category:

The growth of the spirit is a volcano that cannot be capped. Try to plug it at your peril. (John McEnulty)

John McEnulty - From the Love category:

Where is the love in this? That is the most important question about any activity or relationship. Ask it when things get sticky. It's usually the thing that is out of whack. So how do I get my whack back? Pray, meditate, go to the deeper places within. That's always a good start. Love is a slow, sweet thing. When we get going too fast we can leave it behind. Stop. Let love catch up to you. Go back and get it. Carry it. It only slows you down if you are going in the wrong direction. (John McEnulty)

John McEnulty - From the Prayer category:

I launch myself with the most beautiful prayer I know, the most beautiful thought. Then I let go and see what surprise, what new discovery the universe has in store for me. Thinking I know stops that, blocks the divine light. (John McEnulty)

John McEnulty - From the Trust category:

But we need to trust the outcome, to not be defeated in our hearts, ever, knowing that the very core of our being cannot be undone. Not without our consent. (John McEnulty)

John McEnulty - From the Words category:

Too many words spoil the poem. (John McEnulty)