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Hugh O'Donnell Quotes

Quotes by Hugh O'Donnell - (3 quotes)

Hugh O'Donnell - From the Failure category:

- Genesis by Bill Moyer...
Your creation never completely succeeds. And there's a kind of addiction that goes with that because the artist is continuously struggling and failing and struggling again. But it's always a better richer kind of failure. (Hugh O'Donnell)

Hugh O'Donnell - From the Freedom category:

Painting is the one area to which you can really give your body. It's the ability to get a re-creation of oneself through painting that gives people the feeling that they are not trapped within their skins. (Hugh O'Donnell)

Hugh O'Donnell - From the Memory category:

A painting becomes animated by the fact of one's physical presence, conducting energy into it. As you paint, you touch it and touch it and touch it. It becomes a memory of the energy of making the work. (Hugh O'Donnell)