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Paul Brandford Quotes

Quotes by Paul Brandford - (5 quotes)

Paul Brandford - From the Exhibitions category:

I wasn't aware that the purpose of the show was to make friends. I'm not sure that any artist sets out to do that. (Paul Brandford)

Paul Brandford - From the Form category:

Lines as edges kill a sense of form. (Paul Brandford)

Paul Brandford - From the Meaning category:

In the paintings I want to suggest decay, decay within a given persons morality, biological structure or sense of purpose. (Paul Brandford)

Paul Brandford - From the Portraiture category:

The general purpose of the portrait is to create some kind of monument to the sitter and transmit some kind of sympathy or understanding. A side effect is the communication of qualities less endearing. (Paul Brandford)

Paul Brandford - From the Tyranny category:

The great thing about art is that it isn't democratic, it isn't intrinsically populist. Anyone with a bit of belief can attempt to impose their view upon everyone else. It also values and explores fringe opinion in a way that mainstream activities cannot and will not do. At the end of the day artists are dictators but on the whole benign ones. (Paul Brandford)