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Dianne Middleton Quotes

Quotes by Dianne Middleton - (4 quotes)

Dianne Middleton - From the Flow category:

All artists know that those paintings that are created freely and effortlessly are the best – let it flow ! (Dianne Middleton)

Dianne Middleton - From the Recognition category:

The more an artist seeks to achieve public recognition based solely on commercial gain, the greater the potential for disappointment. (Dianne Middleton)

Dianne Middleton - From the Stress category:

PMS or Panic Mode Syndrome is the worst form of stress for an artist to confront. Sometimes it enables a new unplanned concept to appear in the painting, but I'd much rather have an enlightened thought arrive effortlessly and out of love for the piece. (Dianne Middleton)

Dianne Middleton - From the Watercolours category:

To paint a successful watercolor it seems one must know what the finished result will look like before the first stroke of blossoming color is applied to the paper. (Dianne Middleton)