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Leoni Duff Quotes

Quotes by Leoni Duff - (7 quotes)

Leoni Duff - From the Finishing category:

I really injoy the finishing part of the painting process. It's like preforming the Beethoven Sonata when all the hard slog has been done to make it a possibility. (Leoni Duff)

Leoni Duff - From the Light category:

Always keep the direction of the light source clearly in mind and keep asking yourself, 'How light is it?' and 'How dark is it?' (Leoni Duff)

Leoni Duff - From the Mediocrity category:

While I may not be a Rembrandt or a Vermeer, I can continue to learn, and to aspire. Mediocrity is never acceptable! (Leoni Duff)

Leoni Duff - From the Painting category:

I go through a love-hate relationship with most of my paintings when they are finished... The best cure I have found... is to just get on with another painting. (Leoni Duff)

Leoni Duff - From the Religion category:

My relationship with God is the prime mover in everything. (Leoni Duff)

Leoni Duff - From the Space category:

Two things are important if you are to achieve a sense of air and space – tone and temperature. (Leoni Duff)

Leoni Duff - From the Time category:

Time was of the essence... to get this painting finished before the mice ate my pumpkin or it turned into a mouldy mass. (Leoni Duff)