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Robert Sturman Quotes

Quotes by Robert Sturman - (4 quotes)

Robert Sturman - From the Exploration category:

The work of the artist is an exploration to see and feel life with lucid vision and a pure heart – so much so, that the art has no choice but to be exciting, unique, powerful and sensual. (Robert Sturman)

Robert Sturman - From the Miracles category:

What greater miracle than those who make music with their hands and their heart? (Robert Sturman)

Robert Sturman - From the Unknowns category:

As an artist, there is nothing more liberating than allowing a vision from the depths of the soul to fluidly emerge like a river from the unknown to the known. (Robert Sturman)

Robert Sturman - From the Words category:

My work is about emotions for which I have no words. (Robert Sturman)