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Ron Parker Quotes

Quotes by Ron Parker - (4 quotes)

Ron Parker - From the Experiments category:

I don't think it's necessary for artists to have any formal training in painting or art history, but I do think it's essential to continually experiment with different subject matter, types of paint and methods of painting. (Ron Parker)

Ron Parker - From the Methodology category:

No matter what medium I'm using, or what subject I'm painting, I do retain a fairly set approach to painting. (Ron Parker)

Ron Parker - From the Nudes category:

For nudes, I usually have a set-up for the model and take about twenty slides for each painting, often combining parts of several references to get all of the elements I'm after. (Ron Parker)

Ron Parker - From the Subject category:

After 20 years of painting wildlife subjects in acrylic, I felt the need for a change and began to explore portraiture and landscape in oils. (Ron Parker)