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Suzanne Lacey Quotes

Quotes by Suzanne Lacey - (3 quotes)

Suzanne Lacey - From the Focus category:

Focusing on aspects of interaction and relationship rather than on art objects calls for a radical rearrangement in our expectation of what an artist does. (Suzanne Lacey)

Suzanne Lacey - From the Obligation category:

Being an artist carries with it a great potential and a great obligation... In a culture made up of images, sound, and the stories created by artists who do not hold themselves accountable for that very culture, we have a set-up for destruction. (Suzanne Lacey)

Suzanne Lacey - From the Problems category:

Where there is no quick fix for some of our most pressing social problems, there may be only our ability to witness and feel the reality taking place around us. This feelingness is a service that artists offer to the world. (Suzanne Lacey)