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Norbert Bisky Quotes

Quotes by Norbert Bisky - (6 quotes)

Norbert Bisky - From the Expectation category:

There are quite a lot of people asking for a painting so I'm not able to fulfil all their wishes. And this gives me a lot of freedom, because if I cannot please them at all I don't have to start to try. (Norbert Bisky)

Norbert Bisky - From the Fashion category:

I always have the idea in mind that when Botticelli was an old man nobody cared about him because he was out of fashion. Imagine, Botticelli was out of fashion! (Norbert Bisky)

Norbert Bisky - From the Finishing category:

I don't like finished things, because finished is over, dead. (Norbert Bisky)

Norbert Bisky - From the Mistakes category:

It is always better to make your own mistakes and not someone else's. (Norbert Bisky)

Norbert Bisky - From the Possibilities category:

In a way, my paintings are like my children. They have many possibilities in life. You tell them, 'I believe that you're good and I trust that wherever you are and whatever you do, you will do it right.' (Norbert Bisky)

Norbert Bisky - From the Space category:

There must be an open space in the paintings – an entry space for the viewer, or even for me. Just white space where you can get into it. (Norbert Bisky)