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John Fitzsimmons Quotes

Quotes by John Fitzsimmons - (5 quotes)

John Fitzsimmons - From the Confidence category:

Understand and value your own strengths and have the confidence to exploit those strengths. (John Fitzsimmons)

John Fitzsimmons - From the Eroticism category:

How much of what we see as beautiful can be related to a young woman at the height of her productive potential? (John Fitzsimmons)

John Fitzsimmons - From the Plein-Air category:

I set up behind my van and tried to paint for a while but it was so windy and cold I gave up after 20 minutes. Only later did I discover a spray pattern on the van from the wind blowing paint off the palette! (John Fitzsimmons)

John Fitzsimmons - From the Questions category:

Is the new academic the old avant-garde? Has the avant-garde gotten so avant that it is la rear garde? (John Fitzsimmons)

John Fitzsimmons - From the Titles category:

It is best to allow free association so the viewer can make his own connections between the art and the title. (John Fitzsimmons)