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Gertjan Zwiggelaar Quotes

Quotes by Gertjan Zwiggelaar - (5 quotes)

Gertjan Zwiggelaar - From the Ego category:

We should stop pandering to our sensitive egos and be strong men and women whose only desire is to make ever better, more beautiful art, knowing full well that we all fall short of the glory of God. (Gertjan Zwiggelaar)

Gertjan Zwiggelaar - From the Listening category:

Listening to the opinions and advice of others can be very helpful and should never be construed as something negative. (Gertjan Zwiggelaar)

Gertjan Zwiggelaar - From the Mistakes category:

So what if we make mistakes and sometimes produce garbage? That is the nature of the beast. (Gertjan Zwiggelaar)

Gertjan Zwiggelaar - From the Sight category:

We tend to be blinded by our own works, and sometimes need to have our sight adjusted by an honest appraisal from someone else. (Gertjan Zwiggelaar)

Gertjan Zwiggelaar - From the Understanding category:

If a person needs pages of text to explain his or her work, that person should be a writer, not a visual artist. (Gertjan Zwiggelaar)