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Richard (Dick) Nelson Quotes

Quotes by Richard (Dick) Nelson - (9 quotes)

Richard (Dick) Nelson - From the Artists category:

Artists are problem solvers. They thrive on their ability to see, understand and visually render the realities of their external or internal world. (Richard (Dick) Nelson)

Richard (Dick) Nelson - From the Competition category:

The problem begins with jurors who fail to ask three questions, i.e. 'What's the artist trying to do?' 'Did he do it?' and 'Was it worthwhile doing?' (Richard (Dick) Nelson)

Richard (Dick) Nelson - From the Ego category:

For those who demonstrate, a very big price is paid in educational benefits if personal style, running commentary and facile brushwork feeds an ego while closing doors to unique discoveries. (Richard (Dick) Nelson)

Richard (Dick) Nelson - From the Individuality category:

Individuals, creating personal and independent statements, follow a course they alone map. (Richard (Dick) Nelson)

Richard (Dick) Nelson - From the Knowledge category:

Knowledge of visual options serves the creative individual. Without knowledge of our options, we are simply prisoners of our own ignorance. (Richard (Dick) Nelson)

Richard (Dick) Nelson - From the Mirrors category:

For those in need of a trophy for validation, I suggest more than a glance in that mirror. (Richard (Dick) Nelson)

Richard (Dick) Nelson - From the Photography category:

The camera is unable to accurately discriminate between colours in bright light and those in the shadows. Our eyes will see the full range of values... (Richard (Dick) Nelson)

Richard (Dick) Nelson - From the Questions category:

-response to Robert Genn
If 'Art's a doing thing,' why are you writing all these twice-weeklies? (Richard (Dick) Nelson)

Richard (Dick) Nelson - From the Worth category:

One possible way of measuring the value of any art or art form is its timelessness, for people of all nations, all times, all political preferences and religions. (Richard (Dick) Nelson)