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B. Eric Rhoads Quotes

Quotes by B. Eric Rhoads - (7 quotes)

B. Eric Rhoads - From the Effort category:

Plein air works require enormous effort as painters fight the constantly changing light and moving shadows, burning sun and glare, rain and wind, bugs, animals and onlookers. (B. Eric Rhoads)

B. Eric Rhoads - From the Future category:

Art's future is in jeopardy. If the world of art continues to focus on road kill instead of inspiration, the whole world is in deep trouble. (B. Eric Rhoads)

B. Eric Rhoads - From the Greatness category:

Great paintings are not just good renderings – they are emotional triggers... (B. Eric Rhoads)

B. Eric Rhoads - From the Modernism category:

I am the declared enemy of Extreme Modernism, which I define as shock art, squirt-gun art, and angry art. My mission is to promote art that enriches the soul, and to return the art world to its long heritage of magnificence. (B. Eric Rhoads)

B. Eric Rhoads - From the Plein-Air category:

Artists who battle the elements, the extreme effort and the exhaustive study to be able to paint a high-quality work in one sitting, wet-on-wet while on location, have something very special to offer. (B. Eric Rhoads)

B. Eric Rhoads - From the Questions category:

Why do some people believe that plein air works should cost less? (B. Eric Rhoads)

B. Eric Rhoads - From the Worth category:

For some reason, people incorrectly equate time with value. A great painting is a great painting, period. (B. Eric Rhoads)