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Carter Ratcliff Quotes

Quotes by Carter Ratcliff - (5 quotes)

Carter Ratcliff - From the Effort category:

Talent counts for much, but effort counts for more. (Carter Ratcliff)

Carter Ratcliff - From the Mirrors category:

- on Jeff Koons...
Imagine a revised edition of Shakespeare... a big, thick book with an elegant cover... You open it and find that there are no pages, just an empty box of space. On the back wall of the box is a small mirror. You look into it, see yourself, and now you know all you need to know about Shakespeare. (Carter Ratcliff)

Carter Ratcliff - From the Play category:

I believe that the artist's feelings are in some way generative. And I suspect that much of the artist's most productive emotion - not all of it but much of it - is felt in the course of playing around with form. (Carter Ratcliff)

Carter Ratcliff - From the Questions category:

What is art?... From a strictly logical point of view, a question with no clear answer comes under the suspicion of being meaningless. But a strictly logical point of view never shows us much about art... (Carter Ratcliff)

Carter Ratcliff - From the Spontaneity category:

- on John Singer Sargent...
He needed several chances to arrive at spontaneity. (Carter Ratcliff)