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Stella Violano Quotes

Quotes by Stella Violano - (6 quotes)

Stella Violano - From the Artists category:

Artists buy their fruits and vegetables in the Still Life section at the market. (Stella Violano)

Stella Violano - From the Dissatisfaction category:

Functional dissatisfaction, that which leaves the artist seeking the next painting as a chance to do better, is what pushes us to the next level. (Stella Violano)

Stella Violano - From the Keys category:

We are all eternal students - and this may be one of the keys to success. (Stella Violano)

Stella Violano - From the Painting category:

Painting is how the caged soul flies free. (Stella Violano)

Stella Violano - From the Success category:

Pride in workmanship is an excellent tool. It will demand that an artist not settle for less and will work harder to achieve the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. (Stella Violano)

Stella Violano - From the Vision category:

To paint from the heart is to render your vision without compromise. (Stella Violano)