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Moliere Quotes

Quotes by Moliere - (7 quotes)

Moliere - From the Activity category:

It is not what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable. (Moliere)

Moliere - From the Problems category:

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. (Moliere)

Moliere - From the Skill category:

All the ills of mankind, all the tragic misfortunes that fill the history books, all the political blunders, all the failures of the great leaders have arisen merely from a lack of skill at dancing. (Moliere)

Moliere - From the Understanding category:

That must be wonderful: I don't understand it at all. (Moliere)

Moliere - From the Unknowns category:

Good Heavens! For more than forty years I have been speaking prose without knowing it. (Moliere)

Moliere - From the Worth category:

Things are only worth what you make them worth. (Moliere)

Moliere - From the Writing category:

Grammar, which can govern even kings. (Moliere)