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William Woodward Quotes

Quotes by William Woodward - (4 quotes)

William Woodward - From the Earth category:

The majesty of the earth gets my blood circulating – that's good stuff. (William Woodward)

William Woodward - From the Planning category:

Murals are the best examples of planned pictures. The creative process for painting a mural is like writing a musical composition and then performing it on stage. (William Woodward)

William Woodward - From the Pleasure category:

I derive much pleasure from looking at the world – from staring across miles and miles of space and seeing a full moon. (William Woodward)

William Woodward - From the Work category:

Mural painting is overly physical. After months of painting, my right arm and shoulder becomes considerably larger than my left. I get so stiff that in order to continue working, I have to have regular massages. (William Woodward)