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Eduardo Galeano Quotes

Quotes by Eduardo Galeano - (4 quotes)

Eduardo Galeano - From the Earth category:

Asking and wondering, from where did this planet that we inhabit come? (Eduardo Galeano)

Eduardo Galeano - From the Education category:

I was a terrible history student. They taught me history as if it were a visit to a wax museum or to the land of the dead. I was over twenty before I discovered that the past was neither quiet nor mute. (Eduardo Galeano)

Eduardo Galeano - From the Questions category:

This world, this slaughterhouse, this nuthouse, is this the work of God or man? What past time gave birth to this present? (Eduardo Galeano)

Eduardo Galeano - From the Writing category:

I am not a historian. I am a writer obsessed with remembering, with remembering the past... (Eduardo Galeano)