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William Scott Quotes

Quotes by William Scott - (7 quotes)

William Scott - From the Drawing category:

On occasion I have drawn as a release from painting. The economy in using paper, pencil, charcoal and crayon can help towards a greater gamble and higher rewards. I also find that drawing can generate ideas more rapidly than painting. (William Scott)

William Scott - From the Eroticism category:

I am an abstract artist in the sense that I abstract. I cannot be called non-figurative while I am still interested in the modern magic of space, primitive sex forms, the sensual and erotic, disconcerting contours, the things of life. (William Scott)

William Scott - From the Freedom category:

I feel constricted if I become too much aware of the act of making. Liberty is lost and instead of an instinctual lyrical expression the whole thing becomes arid. (William Scott)

William Scott - From the Illusion category:

I no longer worry whether a painting is about something or not. I am only concerned with the expectation, from a flat surface, of an illusion. (William Scott)

William Scott - From the Progress category:

Every painting I do is related to the last one: it may be a continuation of a previous painting or it may be a reaction against it. (William Scott)

William Scott - From the Rules category:

An act of thinking without restriction- without boundaries or rules can lead to the point of no return. (William Scott)

William Scott - From the Shock category:

I draw to shock myself out of a too-easy rhythm – I may begin with no conception whatever, an image emerges (almost always an image that I am obsessed with). I rub it out and begin again, searching for its counterpart. When it appears I invariably find that the thing I draw is at my elbow, it is out of the window, or has been standing at my front door for a long time. (William Scott)