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Olinda Everett Quotes

Quotes by Olinda Everett - (7 quotes)

Olinda Everett - From the Activity category:

The dualities in the activity of making art are endless... such as the conjunction of inarticulate form with aesthetic form, or the idea and the artifact. (Olinda Everett)

Olinda Everett - From the Habit category:

Your hand falls only too easily into that groove that has been carved inside you by time and custom. It is the hardest thing, to break that rut, even a little bit. (Olinda Everett)

Olinda Everett - From the Manipulation category:

The artistic bit happens as you manage to plug into the original impulse. The problem is that the aesthetic complications, the manipulation of media, often becomes too challenging for the thread to remain active... (Olinda Everett)

Olinda Everett - From the Materials category:

I don't want to admit that the best I can do with that expensive piece of paper is to inflict my mediocre work on its pristine purity. (Olinda Everett)

Olinda Everett - From the Order category:

Art is not order. (Olinda Everett)

Olinda Everett - From the Questions category:

Why push your life to the brink and experience so much pain? To do something that you may be proud of, to stay true to yourself and go to the end. (Olinda Everett)

Olinda Everett - From the Rules category:

For me the rules are not part of the flesh, they are still insisting on fighting among themselves. They try to escape – they behave badly. (Olinda Everett)