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Susan Avishai Quotes

Quotes by Susan Avishai - (9 quotes)

Susan Avishai - From the Abstraction category:

Abstraction demands more from me than realism. Instead of reproducing something outside of me, now I go inward and use everything I've learned thus far in my life. (Susan Avishai)

Susan Avishai - From the Advice category:

When I was a young illustrator trudging my portfolio around, one of the most useful pieces of advice I got was to develop and show only one style, or at the very most, two. (Susan Avishai)

Susan Avishai - From the Drawing category:

Drawing is a frame of mind, a loving embrace if you will. (Susan Avishai)

Susan Avishai - From the Exhibitions category:

Outdoor Art Exhibition: If you bring lots of sunscreen and tarps to protect your work when it pours, and figure a way to anchor work framed in glass during wind gusts, and don't mind smiling and answering the same questions again and again, it's quite a lot of fun. (Susan Avishai)

Susan Avishai - From the Planning category:

I have to let the canvas tell me how to proceed slowly, rather than have an agenda in advance of the process. (Susan Avishai)

Susan Avishai - From the Portraiture category:

Get yourself a mirror and paint your own portrait, over and over. It's a great chance to experiment, you'll discover things about yourself, and you don't have to pay the model! (Susan Avishai)

Susan Avishai - From the Possessions category:

Fortunately or unfortunately, I am a collage artist, and am finding a lot of junk potentially useful in the work so it just gets moved, not tossed. Ah, the downside of the creative soul. (Susan Avishai)

Susan Avishai - From the Rewards category:

The best prize is coming home with a new way of seeing. (Susan Avishai)

Susan Avishai - From the Unknowns category:

There's not a moment I'm not completely engaged, right there at brush-point, as I have no idea where this path will lead and what subtleties, risks, and skills will be demanded of me to get there. (Susan Avishai)